Kristina Sage


I utilize multimedia, depending on the type of art.  Murals are done in acrylic paint and airbrush.  Watercolors are a perfect media, for that outdoor scene; add some ink, and that gives a soft detailed look.  Sketches are fun and exciting, they give amazing dimension to faces.  Don't throw away those old photos...add a layer of encaustic paint, to give it new life!   


Like a spatula is to a baker and a hammer to a carpenter, an artist feels lost without a brush or any tool that can create.  I took a long break from my art table to raise my family, but with having four more creative bodies in my house, I have been driven to pursue my dream.  I look forward to sharing my talent with you!  


Pricing varies on project.  For timed jobs, like

stenciling and murals, I charge $50.00hr.  Other

artwork is priced on a combination of

time/supplies/ complexity.

The final product...

You will have a piece of artwork in your home and/or business, that you can take pride in, that you helped to create.


Disclaimer:  Due to copy right laws, any reproduction of  character art can only be done for personal enjoyment.  By law, I am unable to replicate any copyright material  in public facilities.  My character reproductions have been in my own home and those of family  and close friends. 

My Vision

How to start...

An empty wall, that needs a personal touch.  Whether that be a mural directly on the wall, a wall painting to fit the style of your house or your favorite photos that need an artistic flare.