Kristina Sage


Stencils are great tools to use for any project.  I like to use stencils when nice crisp lines are needed. 

            Acrylic/Airbrushed Mural

Bold colors are done with many layers of acrylic

paint.  The stars, shading and shadows are done with an airbrush to give a transparent effect.

Encaustic Photo Alterations

New work in progress...

Art Media

                   Oil Paints

Oil paintings are my media of choice for outdoor scenes.

Oils give wonderful billowy clouds and snowy landscapes, due to the ability to easily blend and layer.


Although very time consuming, inks and detailed sketches give the most reward in the end.  An artist steady hand can add great amounts of detail, where a photo may lack.


I enjoy the serenity of watercolor.  It lends for a great medium for water scenery and special effects.

              Wood Burning

What I love most about wood burning is the beautiful detail you can give to a piece of natures canvas.